Features and Benefits

The piwall system a cost-effective control solution for video display screens, using the Raspberry Pi. It is ideal for controlling imagery on multiple screens in a 'video wall' such as the one illustrated, but is equally effective with a single display screen.

Features and benefits

  1. Use of the Raspberry Pi platform – shortlisted as the greatest British innovation of the 21st century by the Science Museum
  2. Flexible, manufacturer-independent – using different display screens (size, resolution, orientation) from different manufacturers in the same video wall.
  3. Flexible content display – web pages, photos, videos and remote desktops in any mixture covering all or parts of the same video wall.
  4. Creative wall / display topologyone image on the wall, a single image repeated on each screen, a fragmented image dependent on screen positioning (see images right).
  5. Cost-effective – based on the Raspberry Pi, enhanced with innovative software, benefitting from the open market for computer or razor edge TV screens.
  6. Making video walls more widely available – schools and colleges, research laboratories, SMEs, public notice boards, art galleries and museums, conferences and exhibitions, concerts and other events, shop windows.