Who we are

We are three engineers that work on the European funded nuclear fusion research project which is located at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Alex Goodyear has an almost natural instinct for locating software problems and has more than 20 years experience developing highly embedded hard real-time systems. He has a can do attitude and a passion for technology. In his spare time he likes to make things, ranging from a fluxgate gradiometer to a CNC controlled router machine.

Colin Hogben is an ex-olympic mathematician and champion procrastinator.  He has a great enthusiasm for creating software tools using a wide variety of computing languages. He has microscopically small handwriting which brings a whole new meaning to the statement “Oh, it’s just one side of A4”.

Dr Adam Stephen joined us this year and is one of the most methodical people I have ever met. This, combined with his exceptional coding abilities, almost limitless thirst for knowledge and his new found passion for business make him an invaluable partner.  He has the remarkable capability to be working on ten things at once and make progress on all of them.